Importing Video to Echograph

Import video to your iPad from iPhone and external cameras for use in Echograph.

To get footage onto your iPad from your iPhone or video DSLR camera, we recommend picking up the iPad CF+USB Kit. With the kit, importing your media is as easy as plugging it into your iPad – either by tethering an iPhone or digital camera via USB cable, or by importing directly from Compact Flash Card media.



Another solution is to copy your video files to your computer and convert them into an iPad-ready format, such as m4v. An easy way to do this is to open your video in QuickTime. From QuickTime’s “File” menu, select “Export.” From the “Format” drop-down menu, select “iPad, iPhone 4 and Apple TV.” Click “Export,” and your video file is iPad-ready.




To get the videos onto your iPad, drag your video files into iPhoto. Next, open iTunes. Now, navigate to your iPad within iTunes, then click on the “Photos” tab at the top of the iTunes window. From here, check “Sync Photos from iPhoto,” and importantly, “include videos.” Now all of your videos will appear in your iPad’s Photo library.



Once you have your videos synced to your device, you can view all the files in your iPad’s library by opening Photos. This is where Echograph looks when importing a video clip.

Now, from Echograph’s “Create” section, just tap “choose from library,” and you’re ready to use the amazing footage you just shot.



Coming soon in Echograph 1.02 – “Open In…” integration, which will allow you to open supported video files directly into Echograph’s Trim Mode.


  • Mario Nobre

    Why am I not being able to import from Dropbox? Why the “Open in…” feature won’t work, isn’t activated but only with videos? I’m not being able to upload clips to my Echograph from Dropbox… :-(

  • Meghan

    When can we expect Echograph 1.02 – “Open In…” integration

  • James Wages

    I concur with Mario. I will buy your app once you support DropBox.

    I’m also confounded as to why you don’t mention all the support video formats we can import. Yes, I watched the video here, and I see that I can use QuickTime to export an iPad friendly version of my video. But let’s face it. If I can directly move an AVCHD Lite 720p video from my Lumix GF1, without any exporting to a new format, it would be faster and less troublesome. And it would result in a tad bit better video quality too.

    I really like the concept of your app, as evidenced by my making time to post here. So I hope you will add DropBox support and allow direct AVCHD file imports as soon as possible.

    Thank you.